Speed, Strength, Recovery & Longevity

Equine Performance™ Peptides are the pinnacle of organic, Nutraceutical Biopeptides for all horse breeds providing unmatched health and longevity benefits.

The only 100% organic Alfalfa Grass Powder and Nutraceutical Biopeptide supplement for maximum performance.

For Horses Of All Breeds, Disciplines and Performance Levels

Equine Performance™ Peptides are crafted for horses of all breeds and activity/competition levels to elevate endurance, performance and recovery.

Fast-Acting Nutraceutical Biopeptide

Equine Performance™ Peptides provide comprehensive daily support for lean muscle development, joint and ligament fortification, youthful energy, recovery and increased coat and hoof health. Click HERE to learn about Nutraceutical Biopeptides and click HERE to learn about the science behind our products.

Join The Ranks Of CLEAN Champions

Our organic Isotide™ peptide and alfalfa formula is free of ingredients currently included on the FEI Clean Sport Prohibited Substances Database or the Horseracing Integrity & Welfare Unit Prohibited Substances Database.

Sourced & Manufactured In Texas By Texans

We proudly source only human-grade ingredients and manufacture in Texas utilizing a GMP certified and FDA registered facility.

For Horses Of All Breeds, Disciplines and Performance Levels

If you are looking for the very best performance supplement that utilizes only organic alfalfa grass powder and natural peptides and is free of ingredients currently included on the FEI Clean Sport Prohibited Substances Database or the Horseracing Integrity & Welfare Unit Prohibited Substances Database, Equine Performance is your only option!

18 Amino Acids & 28 Natural Growth Factors

Only Equine Performance™ Peptides include the natural Isotide™ Peptide Complex which optimally supports your horses endocrine system allowing it to increase cellular repair and production. Our Isotide™ Peptide Complex includes 18 essential amino acids and 28 naturally occurring growth factors including GF-1, GF-2, TGF-B, TNF-A, TNF-B, EGF, NGF GHK-Cu, and CTGF.

Made In Texas By Texans

We proudly manufacture, warehouse and ship from Texas.

Human Grade Ingredients

We only use human-grade ingredients ensuring superior quality.

GMP Certified

Our facilities are GMP Certified guaranteeing trustworthy and responsible manufacturing practices.

FDA Registered & Inspected

Our manufacturing facilities are FDA registered and inspected.

NGF (Nerve Growth Factors)

Growth Factors that promote neural cell survival, which alleviates anxiety and depression. This also keeps your horse focused and attentive.

FGF (Fibro Growth Factors)

Growth Factors essential to the development of the skeletal and nervous systems.

CTGF (Connective Tissue Growth Factors)

Growth Factors that promote collagen accumulation in the body, this helps rejuvenate ligaments and alleviate joint pain.

EGF (Epidermal Growth Factors)

Growth Factors that promote skin tissue growth and development and speed up the healing of wounds. This also rejuvenates your horse’s hair, keeping the coat thick and shiny while reducing shedding.

GF-1, GF-2 (Insulin-like Growth Factors 1, 2)

A family of Growth Factors that plays and important role in growth and development, and mediates many of the growth-promoting effects essential to liver, kidney, and brain functions.

Cursor over or click on the above green hot spots to see how our Isotide™ Peptide Complex enhances your horses speed, strength, recovery and longevity like no other product.

The Equine Performance™ Peptides Board Of Directors

Our board is composed of equine experts, industry professionals, athletes and riders whose combined expeirence allows us to be directed through passion for excellence and the love of horses.

Jim Babcock

Jim has been breeding, training and showing champion horses since 1964. Over the years has owned and competed Hall of Fame horses in AQHA American Quarter Horse, NRHA National Reining Horse, NCHA National Cutting Horse and NRCHA National Reined Cow Horse.

Troy Babcock

Troy has been a horse chiropractor for the last 20 years, equine dentist for 17 yeas and a NCHA Judge for 6 years. He is a former Bonanza Cutting Horse Trailer Champion, Bonanza Trailer Champion, AQHA Youth Reserve World Champion, NCHA Cutting Derby Champion, NCHA Super Stakes Winner, and AQHA Senior Cutting Reserve World Champion.

Jason Bacon

Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Jason has spent the last 31 years living in Texas raising his family and working as a rancher and competitive, multi-discipline horse breeder. His passion is in foundational breeding with feed and supplementation to achieve the best overall health, confirmation and combination of weight, muscle mass and healthy hooves and hair.

Larry Snowton

Larry has spent the majority of his life with horses competing in the Pro Rodeo Circuit throughout the 80’s and 90’s and becoming the PRCA Pro Tour Champion in 1986. He graduated from Texas A&M University – Commerce with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Education and Animal Science and for the last 28 years has taught Agriculture at the collegiate level.

Lauriston Crockett III

With 23 years of experience in peptide science, Lauriston is hailed as the “Father of Peptide Fueling™ for health and longevity in humans and animals.” His expertise developing natural product lines have revolutionized medical access and treatments globally. Lauriston is a noted author and has been a FOX Radio and TV Health & Longevity contributor since 2016, further cementing his influence in the industry.

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